Positive Thinking and Beliefs by Michael Linn

Last month, we focused on setting goals and commitments for yourself in regards to social, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  People are far more likely to believe to stick to lifestyle changes if they are able to maintain a positive attitude and truly believe in God’s presence in their lives.

Positive thinking brings inner peace, success, improved relationships, better health, happiness and satisfaction. It also helps the daily affairs of life move more smoothly, and makes life look bright and promising.

Positive thinking is contagious. People around you pick your mental moods and are affected accordingly. Think about happiness, good health and success, and you will cause people to enjoy your company more often, because they enjoy the vibrations that a positive mind emits.

In order to make positive thinking yield positive results, you need to develop a positive attitude and expect that God will not give you more than you can handle.  But, you also need to know that through your relationship with God, your problems can be worked through.  Don’t let the challenges you face become burdens or barriers, but instead see them as God’s way of showing he believes in you.

Effective positive thinking that brings results is much more than just repeating a few positive words, or telling yourself that everything is going to be all right. It has to be your predominant mental attitude. It is not enough to think positively for a few moments, and then letting fears and lack of belief enter your mind. Some effort and inner work are necessary.

Are you willing to make a real inner change and allow God to work through you?
Are you willing to change the way you think?
Are you willing to trust God and the circumstances that come your way and believe that you will overcome them through dependency in Him?

Here are a few actions and tips to help you develop the power of positive thinking:

  • Always use only positive words while thinking and while talking. Use words such as, ‘I can’, ‘I am able’, ‘it is possible’, ‘it can be done’ and emphasizing that all this can be done “through my relationship with God!”    
  • Allow into your awareness only feelings of happiness, strength and success.      
  • Try to disregard and ignore negative thoughts and attacks. Refuse to think such thoughts, and substitute them with constructive happy thoughts.      
  • In your conversation use words that evoke feelings and mental images of strength, happiness and success.      
  • Before starting with any plan or action, visualize clearly in your mind its successful outcome. If you visualize with concentration and faith, you will be amazed at the results.      
  • Read at least one page of an inspiring book every day.  I recommend devotional books as well and the Psalms in The Bible.      
  • Watch movies that make you feel happy.      
  • Minimize the time you listen to the news and read the papers.  Most news is negative.      
  • Associate yourself with people who think positively and are strong in their faith.      
  • Always sit and walk with your back straight. This will strengthen your confidence and inner strength.      
  • Walk, swim or engage in some other physical activity. This helps to develop a more positive attitude.

Think positive and be ready for what God hands you, even if your current circumstances are not as you wish them to be. In time, your obedience and commitment to staying positive and faithful will begin to bear fruit in your life.


Tagline: Michael Linn, M.Ed., is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is the director of Safe Harbor Christian Counseling of South Central PA with office locations in Altoona, Carlisle, Chambersburg, Fairfield, and Gettysburg. Please visit www.safeharbor1.com for more information or call 717-264-0614 to make an appointment.



About Safe Harbor Christian Counseling

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling serves local communities by providing Christian-based, clinically sound counseling so that people experience the recovery of their hearts. Our unique approach to marriage counseling, family counseling and individual counseling includes offering an inviting atmosphere whereby a healing relationship is experienced in the counseling room. Safe Harbor consists of 7 partners with over 70 counselors trained in the mental health field.
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