Spring Cleaning Tips for Mental Wellness

spring-cleaningThe 20th of March will mark the beginning of a new season—spring. Although it may take a while for America to warm up, the traditional idea of “spring cleaning” is a great approach to taking on a new perspective for health and wellness.

For many, spring cleaning is a chance to reduce clutter in a house or office—to regain balance from all those items that piled up during the winter season. For others, spring cleaning is an opportunity to reinvent one’s personal space, change wardrobes and just embrace the bright warmth of the sun.

Those who have been grappling with stress, anxiety and other issues may find that there are not only ways to “spring clean” one’s living space, but also one’s mind. Here are a few ideas for individuals who want to seek whole health and wellness by refreshing the brain for greater mental balance:

  • Take a Walk, Go For a Run – Just Get Moving!

Although many Americans rush to the gym in January to fulfill New Year’s resolutions for better fitness and health, the spring offers a great opportunity for individuals to get outdoors and get active. Moderate temperatures and longer days can allow people to get outdoors and away from the treadmill.

While exercise in general is known to help many achieve mental wellness and reduce stress, seeking fitness outdoors in particular can be incredibly refreshing. Going for a walk, hike or jog is an excellent way to find clarity while also taking in the beauty and splendor of nature.

  • Expand the Mind Through Creativity

In the cold of the winter, it is not uncommon for our senses to become dulled. For many, a lack of stimulation can lead to unnecessary stress, malaise and depression. Fortunately, the colors and life found in the awakening of spring can help many rediscover their senses through creativity.

Whether one reads in the park or takes pictures of the outdoors, there are many ways that spring can enhance the creative spirit. By indulging in one’s creative mind, it is possible for many to not only relieve tension, but also heighten problem-solving abilities. As a result, those who take time to appreciate beauty and creativity may find that their confidence skyrockets while their stress level falls.

  • Strengthen Relationships Outside

Although the natural world and warmth of spring can encourage many to explore inner thoughts, the season is also a perfect time to bond with others and strengthen relationships.

Having a picnic with family, going for a brisk walk with co-workers or having a date outside with a spouse can be great ways to let off steam and form stronger connections that may have weakened over the course of winter. Free of many indoor distractions, these gatherings can present a strong opportunity to discuss existing tensions, let them go and focus on the future with positivity and unity.

While the spring season certainly presents many opportunities for individuals to discover renewal and release anxiety, it is important to explore other options for mental wellness all year round. If you or a loved one is struggling with stress or anxiety, contact us at Safe Harbor Christian Counseling to learn more about how our unique counseling strategies can help.


About Safe Harbor Christian Counseling

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling serves local communities by providing Christian-based, clinically sound counseling so that people experience the recovery of their hearts. Our unique approach to marriage counseling, family counseling and individual counseling includes offering an inviting atmosphere whereby a healing relationship is experienced in the counseling room. Safe Harbor consists of 7 partners with over 70 counselors trained in the mental health field.
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