Changes in the Home that Can Impact Mental Health the Family

At Saf2117e Harbors Christian Counseling, we offer a wide array of services that allow people to understand and overcome very personal matters. While this is sometimes done on an individual level, we also specialize in a variety of counseling programs that offer those struggling with mental health issues an opportunity to restore relationships with family members and partners.

It is essential to recognize that major changes in life can have a strong impact on one’s mental health; abrupt transitions can prompt emotional reactions including depression and anxiety. In the home, a dramatic shift may not necessarily impact one’s personal mental health, but could affect the wellness of loved ones in that family environment.

Recognizing how changes can impact mental health and development—especially in children—can help many embrace the benefits of counseling. To keep parents aware of what changes in the home may impact the wellness of themselves, their marriage and their loved ones, we highlight a few events that could trigger imbalance:

  • Moving

Often, moving to a new home means welcoming a new change in life. Whether one moves to accept a new job or simply change atmosphere, this change can be exciting for the whole family. While a move may be a positive experience, it is still important to recognize how this change will impact everyone in the home, particularly children.

Children will often have more to cope with when moving, as their worlds typically revolve around what they consider home. A new environment, for instance, could mean having to go to a new school and make new friends. Children who do not adjust well to a new home may find that they become isolated, an experience that could lead to many mental health challenges.

  • Divorce

Divorce is one of the most prevalent family issues in the United States, but fortunately counseling has made it easier for parents and their children to adjust to these massive changes. In some cases, divorce may have stemmed from a myriad of other home environment struggles, such as violence or anger—all of these can have a major impact on children.

However, even in peaceful, mediated divorces, children can have a negative reaction when the nuclear family is divided. Some may feel that they are losing a parent; others may feel that they are responsible for the split. As such, it is important for the entire family to address feelings they may have about the divorce and to recognize the truth behind it. Coming from a place of honesty and openness, families can move forward in a healthy fashion while still remaining apart.

  • Sickness and Death

It is often said that strong families will stay together no matter what challenges they face. However, in some cases, these challenges can have a lasting impact on the way people feel inside their home. Severe illness and death are some of the most devastating changes that can happen in a home. While adults can sometimes cope and grieve in a healthy manner, children often can have a hard time interpreting such events. This lack of understanding can sometimes cause young ones to internalize emotions and develop mental health problems.

For this reason, Safe Harbor offers many counseling services that can help parents and children approach illness and loss with a sense of stability. While certainly emotional, it is important to understand that there are healthy ways to grieve and help families grow from loss in unity and wellness.

Reaching Out For Family Counseling

While many of these problems can be addressed in the home through proper and open communication, many times it is necessary to seek out additional help. If your household is facing a major transition, such as those listed above, we encourage seeking out professional family and group counseling programs such as those described at

About Safe Harbor Christian Counseling

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling serves local communities by providing Christian-based, clinically sound counseling so that people experience the recovery of their hearts. Our unique approach to marriage counseling, family counseling and individual counseling includes offering an inviting atmosphere whereby a healing relationship is experienced in the counseling room. Safe Harbor consists of 7 partners with over 70 counselors trained in the mental health field.
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