Planning for the Future: How Premarital Counseling Can Strengthen Your Relationship

premarital_mainIt can take time to find that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. The person who makes you want to be a better person, encourages you to follow your dreams, sticks with you through good and bad, and whom you want to create a future with. The decision to get married is a big step, though. You want to ensure that you are prepared for this commitment and all that it brings.

Premarital counseling can help you to do just that. There does not have to be something specifically wrong to seek counseling. It does not mean that your relationship is faltering, but rather a way to help prevent that. Being proactive can strengthen your bond with your partner and support a better marriage.

  • Work through potential problems before they erupt

A counselor can guide you through disagreements you may be having and common problems couples face. It gives you a chance to express your opinions and work through differences. There is room for compromise and adjustment so that you can ensure you are on the same page going forward. If you are experiencing small arguments, counseling can help you to resolve these situations before they turn into something more significant. Ignoring these issues can make things more challenging in the future.

  • Talk in a safe environment

It is different discussing opinions at home versus in a counselor’s office. A counselor’s office provides a more neutral territory and a non-biased opinion. You can feel safer opening up and being honest because the counselor is there to help you work through your feelings and differences. They can teach you strategies for more effective communication and problem solving. That way you can be more proactive about confronting issues in the future and working through them.

  • Learn more about the other person

You may think that you know everything about your soon-to-be spouse, but do you really? Have you addressed finances, children, spirituality, jealousy, or other tough issues? Premarital counseling can bring these issues to light and allow you to express your opinion on the matter and see what your partner thinks as well. Then together you can determine how you will move forward or adjust to your differences in opinion. The counselor may bring up topics you hadn’t considered before but that are important in a marriage.

Learn how to appreciate one another in new ways and create a stronger vision and path for your future together. Premarital counseling can be a great way to further support your decision to get married and grow closer to one another. You can feel more confident that you share the same views for your life together and that your differences will not stand in the way.

Before you say “I do,” consider premarital counseling through Safe Harbor Christian Counseling. We will work with you and your partner to overcome any challenges, express your opinions and beliefs, and create a more solid plan for your future together. Contact Safe Harbor Christian Counseling at 1-800-305-2089 or visit to schedule an appointment and learn how counseling can benefit all stages of your marriage and life.

About Safe Harbor Christian Counseling

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling serves local communities by providing Christian-based, clinically sound counseling so that people experience the recovery of their hearts. Our unique approach to marriage counseling, family counseling and individual counseling includes offering an inviting atmosphere whereby a healing relationship is experienced in the counseling room. Safe Harbor consists of 7 partners with over 70 counselors trained in the mental health field.
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